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Use this handy search tool to see if what you want is available  (hint: if you're looking for something that could have multiple entries, return to the form and just hit "find" again and you'll be taken to the next instance of that word/words)

Black Dodge Stratus and "Cordelia Chase for May Queen" posters --- Lupe

Driver's License --- Sai Wong

Silver Velvet Mock-Neck Shirt --- Valerie

Cell Phone, Sparkle Purse & Light Blue Silk Dress --- Allison T.

Sparklers (PS) & Tomato Science Project --- Karyn

Bracelets --- Sage

Gym Bag, Polynesian Sarong, & Gold Velvet Throw Pillow --- Mike (me)

Yearbook Portrait & Black Sequined Dress (Dopplegangerland)--- Lisa

Bed & Bed Pillows --- LadyRowan (now we can have another pillowfight!)

Pompoms & Little Pearl Necklace --- Miriam Epstein (hi sis!)

Cheerleader Outfit & Ruby Sunglasses (IMG) --- Douglas Hunley

Gatorade Cup (SAR) --- Dan Compora

Locker --- Alexis

Sunglasses (WSWB) --- NiteRise

Black Heels (WSWB) & Purple Dress (NKABOTFD, while dancing with Owen) --- Angela Mach

Car Keys & Black and Red Sleeveless Dress (SH) --- Kimberly Bliss

"Victim of the Week" Status --- Kirstin

Killer Stains (WSWB) --- Vamp Am I

Stake (whittled in SH) & Heart Necklace from Xander --- Katie Masters

Toenail Polish & Open Toe Shoes --- Cyber-Vertigo

Gold Choker, "Queen C" Vanity Plates & Blue Dress that Xander hosed down --- Mike Z.

Birth Certificate --- BlackyDax

Nightmare Duck Barrettes --- Charlene

Lei --- Katy Zapatka

"Fruit Drinky" --- Courtney

Piece of Chocolate NOT Given to Buffy While Campaigning for May Queen --- Pam Acree

Scar (inflicted by Marcie, IG) --- Viashino

Plane Ticket to Tuscany --- Catalina

Character Building Trip to Italy --- Kathleen

May Day Dress & Tennis Shoes Used to Squash Worms --- Jennifer

Chess Set --- pie-en-argent

May Queen Tiara --- Minnie

Todd Oldham Dress --- Paul "BloodSoaked"

Adidas Sneakers --- CORDELIA (hey, it's how she signs her e-mail)

Mop Closet Dressing Room and Prayer Alcove --- Lisa Rose

Foreign Exchange Student, Sven --- Cera

Dress that doesn't make her look like a hooker --- Morgan R

$200 Shoes (Angel), Backpack and Red Tank Top --- *dARiA*

Red Chrysler Cirrus (Reptile Boy) --- Donald Feltner

Halloween Cat Costume --- Molly

Reigning title as Bitch of the Year --- Melissa the Slayerette

Lip gloss and Blush --- Jamie

Headbands --- Christine

Pearl Earrings --- Princess Angelica

Car Stereo --- Dawn

Therapy Bill ("I'm Going to be in Therapy 'til I'm 30") --- Nick

Black Boots (used to kick Ethan) --- WillowSlay

Barbie Dream Car --- Kate

"Bug" Sweater (What's my Line? Part 2) --- Mel

Summer Make-up Kit --- Annie

Sunnydale t-shirt --- Mark Safransky

Cheesy Soap Opera Music (Suitable for kissing) --- James in Fort Collins

Toothpaste & Sweatpants --- Lisa

Shampoo --- Thomas J Callahan

Can of Adhesive --- Chrissy

Silver Cross Necklace --- Anglkissz

DEL key --- AngelFan5

Car keys (new car!) --- John

Coolness Factor Test --- Mchakram

Dinner at Bucky's Fondue Hut that Xander won't spring for --- Steph

Original Teddy Bear Backpack From Gstaad --- Raininfire

Egg from "Bad Eggs" --- Cherron (a.k.a. Starr)

Bogus Parking Tickets --- Keenan ITWASALATENITE McCardell

All her guy tips from Dr. Debbie in Reptile Boy --- BuffyPhan

Black Leather Mini Skirt and Vest --- Acaa3

Plaid skirt and shoes --- Missy

Allure Magazine --- Annie L.

Tart Outfit (from Innocence) --- Holly

Homework done by Willow --- Kevin

Cappuccino --- Care

Perfume bottles --- QueenC1698

Compact mirror --- Kelly (AKA Lioness016)

Heart Necklace from Xander --- Katie

Pink scarf from Nightmares --- Jamie C

Midol --- Cupcake

Cloth on finger when threatening Amy in "The Witch" --- Angels-Girl2

Yellow mini skirt and purse --- Jason Hodgson

Rearview mirror garlic --- Kevin Wood

Outfit that matched Buffy's at the end of "Ted" ---Jennifer Cummings

White knee-high socks --- Jan

Chips and dip --- Angeliba

Yellow Backless Dress , Hospital Gown, Flowers from Xander While in the Hospital, Chemistry Book, Scented Candles --- Ryan Reid

Drugged drink & History book shared with Buffy --- Jeani Arera

Super Perfect Pony Tail with the Ends All Neatly Flipped Under --- Marissa

Blue dress with the collared shirt (worn during her pool speech to Xander) --- April

Navy blue skirt, light blue top w/ matching sweater and black boots as seen in KBD --- Annie

Sunnydale High Gym shirt --- Sarah

"Vampire Sandwich" kiss with Xander in the 3rd season premiere, "Anne", & Little green purse (also from "Anne") --- W0W16

Sarcastic "quote marks." --- Cheryl

Blue outfit worn when she whas the 'bait' --- oldmanstauf

Glass of some unknown alcoholic beverage (Reptile Boy) & walkie talkie (Dead Man's Party) --- Buffy661

Onion dip --- Sarah Winsor

Spatula --- SpikeyChick

Homecoming corsage & awesome curly hair --- Nikki Arrington

Green Homecoming dress, SAT Scores --- Drknight

Homecoming Poster --- desireflame

Medically-prescribed lunch from Teacher's Pet --- Gidget

Ski Poles Used to Protect Herself in "Dead Man's Party" --- Mali-Q

Re-bar that impales her in "Lover's Walk" --- Nicky Edwards

Locker Pix from her trip to the pier with Xander --- Carolyn W

Hospital bed and sheets --- Angelus_gvamp

Self proclaimed title of Queen, her Cluelessness, her SAT exams --- Deeanne

Philosophy book that she used to start conversations with college boys "BX" --- Masquerade

"Wish" Necklace from Anya --- Nicky Edwards

"Life After Xander, Back With a Vengeance" Leather Prada Outfit --- Raininfire

Prada Purse --- Kelli Sucher

Blue Silk Dress (The Wish) --- Missi

Bites from Vamp-Willow & Vamp-Xander --- DavidJunky

Sports Bra --- Eric Kenny

"Moving On" Matches --- Briana

Last Mortal Embrace with Xander and Willow --- Justin

Burning Picture of Xander --- Jennie

Cute Little Sweater Twin Sets --- Natalie

Spikes (The Wish) --- Karina

Bedroom --- Christine

Locker Stickers --- Delphine

Outfit Worn When She First Met Buffy --- Ragna

Repair Bill From the Time She "Sorta ran over this girl on her bike" --- Kameko

Blue Sweater (Season 1 & 2 Opening Credits) --- Steve

Prom Dress --- Wendy the Slayerette

Bobby Pins --- DariaTVS

License Plate Holder --- BuffySummers

Imported Bottle of Hairspray --- CordyKatie

Unfinished Report on Bosnia --- Dan

Cross Earrings and Graduation Gown  --- MEL

Cute Sunglasses --- Charism Angel Boreneaz

Teen Time Magazine (Reptile Boy) --- JD Burton

Diary --- Wesley Overcash

Lemonade From Willow (School Hard) --- Judy

Extra Foam on her Cappuccino --- CryptykGirl

Blue and White Striped Shirt (BB&B) --- Tara M

Chocolates Handed out for May Queen & School Books --- Lisa Anne Marteni

Acceptance notices from the colleges she applied to --- Stephanie

Dress shop name tag --- Ruben Cooper

White Wrap-around Shirt --- M'lyn the Cursed

Graduation Cap --- Natalie

Senior Yearbook --- Meghan aka WILLOW2

Closet --- Courtney

Blue and Creme Graduation Dress --- Jennifer (aka MrsXanderH)

Sketch Pad and Pencil --- Wravyn

Earrings --- Sunshine

Watch --- Jerry Morgan

Felt-tip pen that is the only writing utensil she can use because Buffy attacked her with a stake --- Ilana and sLeia

Deleted computer file from The Harvest --- Kristy Shea

Blue dress (The Wish) & First Paycheck from Clothing Store  ---  Queen V

Almost witty Homecoming slogan, "You Get More With Cor"  ---  JD Burton

Black and red dress she wore to the Valentines dance at the Bronze  ---  Jenny

Graduation Day stake  ---  Oz

Outfit worn in Go Fish that just SCREAMED "Queen of American High-School" --- David Grant

Shoes from "The Wish" --- Angels Love

"Queen of the Winter Ball" & trophy burned High School Diploma --- phat_man

Greeny-colored Earrings from "The Harvest"  ---  Vengeance Girlss

Black outfit at the end of "Out of Mind Out of Sight" --- FutureSlayer

Black skirt,white shirt with black stripe, and white sweater from Go Fish --- MiniCordy

Stake A Claim