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Apartment  ---   Cloud

Sofa --- Toni Taia

White Blouse & Hair Scrunchy Thing --- Brandon

"Revelation" and Subsequent Defense of Sunnydale ("We had our very own Hellmouth!") --- WillowSlay

Messages on Answering Machine & Stolen Star Shaped Sandwiches. --- Kristy Shea

Dangl-y Pearl-y Necklace --- LadyRowan

Spaghetti-strap Dark Red Dress & Gray Sweat Outfit --- Emma

Meditation Book --- Betty Green

Crossbow (as seen in the opening credits) --- Jamie

Wrist Watch ---   Katie

Used cereal bowl that's lying on the floor in her apartment --- Claire

Haunted Apartment That Doyle Got Her  ---  Selene

Soda Can --- LadyRowan

Dagger Used to Help Disembody the "Giant Calamari"  ---  Evil Willow

Commercial made with Doyle  ---  Drusilla2

Tears Shed for Doyle & Agreement with Doyle Concerning Secrets  ---  Christienne

Chains used to chain angel to the bed --- lanie

New Apartment & the outfit she wore when she kissed Angel --- JewelDemonic babies --- Jen

Stereo --- Tiara Lynne

Purple couch --- ShyMagick

Luggage & Cactus --- Patricia Rosemary

Trophies with some of the shiny worn off --- Storm

Bra --- Andy Saint

Computer  ---  Oz

Framed sketch of the Ugly Grey Blobby Thing (Van Gieson's 'Maiden with Urn'  ---  Anna

Red leather pants from "Eternity" --- wyoluvr 

Fight Club Ticket --- Gina-Marie 

Crucifix and the Stake she told Angel she keeps in her desk --- Technopagan 

Sunglasses she uses to hide the bruise Faith gave her, and the multiple checks she had Angel sign for "paid vacation" --- Shelley 

Yellow Sticky Labels that double as Price Tags --- Buffonia

New Shoes That Doyle Noticed  ---  Ellen

Cute look, swingy gesture (her hands are behind her back, and she's twisting her upper torso back and forth), and her cute shoo-ey hand gestures, when she says "Oracles... get out of the house... could be fun!"  ---  Casseigh

Scratch & Sniff Visions  ---  Rebecca, the Duchess

Video Camera  ---  Spike

Art Supply Goodies  ---  Olwen

Sexy, you-can-park-them-under-the-desk-and-be-my-secretary/office-manager-any-time-sandals  ---  Hawk19

Water Bottle  ---  English Gal

White-shimmery-satiny dress worn in "The Ring" --- Cordelia Junior

Pain Killers --- BuffyBabe83

No, it's not a butterfly, no it's not a lobster, it's an angel, business cards for Angel Investigations & Brownies --- Gumdrop

Holy Water --- Pat

Symbol on the back of her hand that made her having a continuous vision --- Tellie

Leopard print skirt & Black clogs --- Poppie

Tank tops --- Lucienne

Evita Soundtrack CD (Madonna) --- DaysM

Diploma --- Buffy_Babe_98

Half-eaten donut that Wesley ends up eating --- Jennifer

Spawning Dust --- Marsha

Laptop Computer --- Psyche_OO

Necklace she stole from the museum --- CryssieLynn

Cereal remains in the bowl on the floor --- Claire

Bra that Doyle picks up before she makes a cool sarcastic comment --- Melina B.

Horse hair from her bracelet used in "The Ring" --- Willow&Tara4Ever

Phone --- Technopagan

Big blob picture that she drew the first time she had a vision --- Jules

Coffee cup --- Natasha

Throne and Tiara from "Through The Looking Glass" --- Gina

Robe worn on the set of Sunscreen comercial --- Rick

New haircut --- katie

Microphone that she sang 'We Are The Champions' Into --- Vamp Cordy

Sandwiches that Angel gets delivered --- The Cat

Pretty blue coffee mug and torn jacket --- Imajica

sVideo Camera-spike --- Stacey

Bathing suitt worn on the set of the commercial  ---  Danielle

Invoice from when she first starting working with Angel  ---  Nicky Lovf

Clothes that angel buys her to get her to talk to him --- Krissi

Luffa that Phantom Dennis uses on her in the tub --- Melissa Ward

Dress she wore in Waiting in the Wings, when her and Angel were possesed and outfit she wore in Birthday when she took the visions away from Angel --- TopazAngel

Necklace that Angel gave to her when he got back from his "trip" --- Charisma

Stake A Claim