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Belief that since Angel's been alive for two hundred years, he should have developed an investment portfolio   ---  Mistiec

Attempt to cover up the fact that she knows Russell's a vampire by laughing and saying she's "just wacky" --- Betty Green

Uncertainty as to whether Angel and Doyle would need her --- Technopagan

Feelings for Doyle   ---  Jamie

Remarkable ability to fight down her insecurities by reclaiming her inner bitch  ---   Nicole

Inability to Type, File, or Answer the Phone  ---  Doody Loo

Ability to share her apartment with Dennis the ghost --- Kim

Secret Recognition that Doyle Likes Her  ---  Evil Willow

Jealousy when Doyle's ex-wife showed up --- Kim

(Pending) Acceptance to Doyle's Dinner Invitation & Knowledge of Angel Being (temporarily) hHuman  ---  Mel

Recognition That She Loves Doyle, Even When He Has His "Spiny Face" On  ---   Stessie

Outraged Response to Doyle Saying "She's with me"  ---  Stephanie

Visions given to her by Doyle & Pain from missing Doyle --- Beverly

Tattoo on her lower back --- Arnold

Hug she gives to Doyle for helping her find the apartment --- Kim

Kiss from Doyle --- Ashley

Motherly Instincts --- Jessica Martino

The blue light from Cordy & Doyle's kiss --- Jen

Attempt to fix Doyle's collar, offer to stake Angel if he ever becomes evil again, demand for Doyle to have more visions --- Sarafu

Attitude to Maude Pearson after she's reminded that she's a bitch. --- Roz

Love for Doyle and her first vision --- Little Willow

Unawareness that while she was talking to herself, behind her Doyle was being mauled by the giant Gator demon --- Technopagan

Bad habits (i.e. peanut butter on the bed & wet towel on the leather chair) --- ShyMagick

Job at Angel Investigations --- vincent

Prejudice against men with too much body art --- Gabby Spike 

Vocabulary --- Cordy

Cute look, swingy gesture (her hands are behind her back, and she's twisting her upper torso back and forth), and her cute shoo-ey hand gestures, when she says "Oracles... get out of the house... could be fun!"  ---  Casseigh

Scratch & Sniff Visions  ---  Rebecca, the Duchess

Ghost, Dennis  ---  Kirk B

Warm & Generous Heart  ---  Judd Arnold

Newfound Goodness --- Jessica (jessijinx)

Love for Angel and Thinking of each other as family --- Amy

Immortal Naiveté --- Topher

Fear of being punished for the way she was in High School --- Jessica

Ability to take a hint --- Patrick

Fascinating ability to get turned on by financial talk --- Angelle77

Respect for Denzel Washington --- WesleysGal

'Joker' face, when Angel scared her while she was putting on her lipstick in "Expecting" --- Lani

Insistance that Gunn gets paid since he's now part of the staff --- WeirdArchives (The One. The Only. The Alone.)

Crossed-arm refusal to betray Angel --- Rhea

Eternal Effervescence --- Allewyn

Call to Willow for help on the net --- Angel's Mistress

Secret Crush on Gunn --- Gabby Spike

New hairstyle --- Danielle

Realization of the huge number of people who are in pain and need their help --- Vik

Unwavering devotion and love for her 'family' --- Prophecy

Friendship with Gunn --- Technopagan

Nickname of "Fair Cordelia" & Status as Gunn's protector --- Sarafu

Oh-so-subtle inquiry as to whether Angel is still "grrr", Abysimal typing skills & Bank balance (preferably BEFORE the IRS hit) --- David Grant

Drunken karaoke performance --- Skyelass

Big sister attitude towards gun after the vision of gun dying alone & Ability to argue with ghosts --- Markus the Magnificent

Driving ambition to be an actress --- David

Status of being Doyle's princess --- Vengeance Girl

Protection of Gunn when she thinks he's in danger --- Shona R

Non-Supernatural attitude towards Harmony's beaviour when she first arrives - ("I thought she was just a big lesbo!") & affirmation to Willow on the subject. --- Rick

Ability to "cover up" good SAT scores and related experience. --- Rick

Refusal of Groo's offer to take the visions away from her --- Arctos

sBelief that doughnuts are what tie us to this world --- Green Bunny Goddess

Growing love for Angel --- Kitten

Kiss with Angel in the Cordyverse --- daxbrit

Smile --- Anya

Friendship with Dennis --- wic

Maturity since she has moved to LA  ---  Kelly Catlin

Kiss with Angel in 'Waiting in the Wings'  ---  Bryony

The ways she's completely brain dead of Angel's feelings towards her --- Charisma

Stake A Claim