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Icy Stare --- Mark Safransky

Deep Heartfelt Prayers --- Karyn

Destiny --- Sage

On & Off Snobby Emotions --- Alexis

Inner Moppet --- Chris Fong

Flirty Attitude with Angel --- Angela Mach

Singing Ability --- Kimberly Bliss

Multi-Octave Scream (which dogs can hear), Sultry Dancing Skills --- Archangel

Ability to Drive Xander to the Brink of Insanity --- Tricia-Leigh

Screams --- Mai Shiranui

sNaZzY Saying: "Hello Salty Goodness", and the TRUE Cordelia's understanding of humanity --- Talis Crow

Desire to lead a life of luxury through marriage to a spoilt fraternity boy! --- moggie

Inability to Admit that Angel is a Vampire --- Kahn

Lame Comebacks --- Robert Dakin

Condescending Attitude Towards Willow --- Mina

Twisted Interpretations During Classroom Discussions --- Emily

Self Proclaimed Title: "Slayer of Dating" --- Pauline

Unintentional Wit --- Dan Fields

Knowledge and Denial of Her Connection to the Slayerettes, Slayer, and Watcher --- Beth

Ability to Moisturize Even in a Crisis & Her Ability to Kick Xander's Ass --- Livia

Sarcasm --- John

Secret Kisses with Xander --- Mel

Deeeeeepppppp Down Secret Love for Xander --- Lady Rave

Dislike for Xander --- MsJnCalndr

Computer Skills --- Sommer

Adorable Head Shrug (opening credits) & Ability to look good EVEN while hanging upside down --- Barry Johnson

Worm Fighting Ability --- HEB

Belief That Everything is About "Me!Me!Me!", Deep Down Feeling That She and Buffy Share for One Another, & Ability to be (or State of
Being) both a "Summer" and a "Winter" --- fenric

Bite Out of a Bloodsucker --- James in Fort Collins

Kick That Stopped Ethan From Getting Away --- SnOwBaLL30

Beauty --- Thomas J Callahan

Knowledge of Buffy's Slaying Power & Ability to Fight When Things Get Nasty --- ParkerPosE

Utility Closet Meetings With Xander --- Barry Johnson

Eagerness to Make Out With Xander --- missile

Eye Rolling Ability & Smile --- Scott Villeponteaux

Desire to be Accepted for Her True Self --- LilyRei

Her nickname from Xander "Cordy" --- Cathy(BuffyChic4)

Need to be understood --- DMH-83

Wanting a Fascist society --- SorceressL

Excess of Character --- Zachary

Charisma (!) --- Christian Campbell

Fake Ha ha ha laugh (Reptile Boy) --- Christa

Caring about Giles, & the "there there" pat on the back Giles gave her in "Some Assembly Required" --- GylzGirl

"Punching Bag/Witless Foil" Status --- Alexia

Impeccable taste in clothing --- Belle

Ability to "really listen" (Reptile Boy) --- crash overide

Affinity for Big Guns --- Holly

Subtle Jealousy over Buffy --- Spencer

Big Smootchies with Xander --- Wildcat

"Trashy-er" look --- Janelle

Parking Sessions With Xander, & Girliness (Halloween) --- Sarah Hogan

Courage to stand up for Xander in front of her friends --- Chris (AKA Barishi)

Surprised expression at the gift that Xander Gave her --- Ms Gwyn

"Greatest love of All" song --- Keenan ITWASALATENITE McCardell

Blondeness & So-called popularity --- WeepnBeuty

Crestfallenness at returning Xander's necklace gift --- Christian

Moment of Commiseration with Willow --- Viovad

Desire to have Xander watch her back --- Paneklr

Curiosity about the bad things that go bump in the night --- Mistressgwyn

Knowledge of Xander's remaining crush on Buffy --- Missy

Lack of tact --- KitCat

Fear that Angel can get into her car --- Sari Kreitzer

Love for security guards --- smellcore (Pandora)

Temporary blindness from "Nightmares" ---Kpet44 (Kendra)

Extreme honesty ---Sara Barton

Loneliness from people not understanding her --- Becki

Ability to see that Willow has seen the softer side of Sears --- Nicki

Eternal willingness to help the rich and pretty --- mrhanky

Speech to fishguy she thought was Xander --- Buffy2095

Artistic talent --- Raininfire

Snakebite and scavenger hunt cover up line --- Saberio

Gentleness with Xander while Willow was in the hospital & Transfiguration at the end of "B.B. and B."--- Sugar80

Ability to always know the right thing to say --- Ali

Belief that Xander's pizza delivery career will take him to so many exciting places --- Sombra78 (Elizabeth)

Eyelashes --- Sarah Rodgers

Growing Sensitivity & Running Ability --- Selana

Tiny yearning to become popular again and still date Xander --- Allison (aka Miae)

Locker Combination --- Buffy 2095

Not needing to be yelled at because she's not deaf --- Allison

Fear that made her run to another county --- Angelbuf

Ex-boyfriends --- Princess Katie

Sleepless hours on event-filled nights

Care for others that she keeps hidden --- layer@swlink.net

Disbelief that Guns Might Turn A Girl On --- Maritasrsg

Future as an inspiration/motivational speaker --- Buffy19vs

Driving skills (as seen in "The Witch"), and her "muchness" (as in she always says "_______ much?") --- Cordygirl

Ability to lie in any and all situations --- Sarapgrl

Implied knowledge that Xander loves Buffy --- Charity

Support of Marie Antoinette --- Amz

Popular loneliness --- Jessy L Wood

White eyes from The Witch --- SlayerQueen

Cheerleading practice --- Krystal

Lack of Priorities --- Jaycee

Nervousness about seeing Xander (in "Anne") --- BuffyS2002

"Baitiness" --- Lisa

Being "Turned On" at Xander being "Slayer Boy"(Dead Man's Party) --- Betty

Dip Stirring Ability --- Drew

Official title of the "Chips and Dip" girl --- Kris

Catty Attitude --- VampyDarla (best screen name I've seen!!)

Intelligence --- Patrick Thoms

Serious Thoughts (from All Men are Beasts) --- Natalie O'Brien

Her total carelessness for everyone but herself --- Angelus516

Concern for Oz when she grabbed his hand and tried to pull him from the dead people --- Joline


Surprising Ability to Have "Layers" --- Mistiec

Touch --- The Peoples Champ

Homecoming Disappointment & Broken heart when she saw Xander and Willow kissing --- Genevieve

Showing she cares for Xander by putting his pictures in her locker --- Starry

Near Death Experience --- Angelus_gvamp

Deep Down Respect for Jenny Calendar --- Abby Karcher

Admiration for Anya's Ability to Tell Prada From Payless --- Melanie

Wish That Buffy Never Come to Sunnydale & Wish That Xander Would Never Feel a Woman's Touch Again --- Christienne

Sudden Buffy Craving --- DavidJunky

Squealing Gasps (The Wish) --- Ashley

Trip to Aspen --- Mel

Attempt at Revenge by Telling Xander's Family Secret --- Rae

Basic Ambitions --- Little Willow

Need for the lights to be off during her make-out sessions with Xander --- Angeline

Codename for Xander, "NightHawk" --- CordeliaChase(Xander'sGirl)

Idea to Dress Up Like a Slayer and Hold a Stake to Xander's Neck --- datadog

Damsel-In-Distress Act With Wesley, and Respect for Giles --- Wendy the Slayerette

Deadpan Delivery --- Walking Bullseye

Love of Black Clothing and Spandex --- Amanda

Missing "Thud" --- Mabb

Pain in her Hand After Smacking Giles Awake --- Darla

New, Funnier Attitude with Giles --- Ashley

Need to Call Everyone She's Ever Met, Right Now. --- Katie Paris

Need For a Note to Excuse Her For Not Writing Her Report on Bosnia --- Heather

Inability to put out a fire --- Antoinette

Grunt and Laugh After She Realizes That She Wished Buffy Away and Anya Granted It --- Brad G.

Belief That Giles Will One Day Wake Up in a Coma --- Angelle77

Allergy to Off the Rack Clothes --- Robynn

Sneer --- Xander95

Wish that Willow Would Wake Up Covered in Monkey Hair --- Tamara Carrion

Acid Tongue & (despite her statements to the contrary) Kind Heart --- Mike

Apology Phone Messages From Xander --- Carrie

Song from The Puppet Show --- Dangelic1

Anger/Sadness with Xander While Burning His Picture --- Carrie

Crush on Angel --- Net Girl

Strange Attraction to Wesley --- Jamie

Woman to Woman Talk With Vamp Willow --- Goddess Minerva

Snobbiness Toward Buffy in Public in Order to Hide Their Friendship --- Jubilee D.

Dr. Debbie Laugh (Reptile Boy) --- WoohooI'mAKeeper

Age --- Snowplow

Flirting With Wesley Wyndam-Price --- Buffysummers1

Awe at Xander's Attempts to Plan Life as a Loser & Distaste Over "Rambo" Outfits (Dead Man's Party) --- Judy

Desire to be Dressed Nicely (to impress Wesley) When Picking up Books --- Lauren aka Angélique

Cordelia's Place in Wesley's Group (Enemies) --- CryptykGirl

Subtle Unknowing Friendship With Buffy and Willow --- darkstalker

Ability to Come Back With Raging Attitude After Having Metal Rods Pierce Her Torso --- HF

Attitude Change From Major Snob to Somewhat Lovable --- Liz

Xander-given Nickname of CC ("way to focus CC") & The Way She Studies Best In a Good Restaurant Around Eightish --- Cristina

Heroic Ability to Save the Day --- Hollyn

Ability to Still Look Popular While Dating Alexander LaVelle Harris & Desire For Her Cap & Gown to be Teal --- MEL

Smile on her face when Xander said "These are good colleges" --- Stephanie

Ability to dance sexy at the Bronze --- pinguin

Entry Into the Working Class --- William J. Keith

Hissyfit over the knock-off of her Todd Oldham dress --- Jaimie

Assumption that Buffy has an inner moppet --- Debbie

"Thank you" to Xander for buying her the dress --- Kristy-Ann Tamburello

Inquiry as to the location of love. ("You don't call...you don't write...where's the love?"), Eyeroll after criticizing Faith's hair color, & Germ Plan to ruin the Mayor's Ascencion --- M’lyn

Ability to turn word nouns into verbs (like "book me" to Giles) --- IloveCordy

Willingness to stand by Xander after she thinks he has turned into a fish monster --- Willow0814

Hatred toward Buffy..despite it not being Buffy's fault that Xander loves her --- Cassie

Twinkle in her eyes, her cruel but awesome vocabulary, and her secret (that her family is broke) --- #1

Assumption That a Perfect Nose is Achieved by Working Out (Innocence) --- Doody Loo

Flirtation with Owen to annoy Buffy --- Rich Gentile

Kisses with Wesley --- Topaz

Absolute Candor, or; What She Thinks is What She Says. (as evidenced in "Earshot") --- Hope Hentzau

Plan For Attacking the Mayor With Ebola & her Vamp Staking Ability in GD2 --- Stephanie

Rudeness --- angelzsweety

Acceptance of Xander Turning Into "Fishboy" --- Harley

Staking of the Vamp in Grad 2 --- Annie

Way she had Giles under her control with that ski pole and the way she becomes all perky at the idea of a free make over --- Xelia

Happy (or unhappy, mostly) non-thoughts (Earshot) --- Amanda

Improved Spelling & Knee Marks She Still Had on Her Back After the Big Game (Earshot) --- buffy anne harris

Need to Skip 5th Period (GRADUATION DAY PART 1) --- McBuffy

Sexy Soul --- - R /E~|~ER of §öU|L§

Rare Genuine Smile (i.e. when she kisses Xander) --- Ben Fowler

Skill with a Spatula --- Heather

Firm belief that she is the most important person on the planet --- David Grant

Conviction that tact is just not saying true stuff --- Shona R

Surprise --- Megs

Crush on Wesley --- Kristi

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