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Mike: "Hi Charisma! I once heard David Schwimmer of "Friends" say that he thought Lisa Kudrow was the best actress on that show because it's so hard to play a ditz and not go way over the top. In that same vein (no pun intended....well ok, maybe it was) how do you play Cordelia in all her self centered snobbishness, and make it truly entertaining without going over the top and looking ridiculous? IMHO, Cordelia doesn't get anywhere near enough airtime. I'd love to see more of her...um..well...you actually."

Charisma: "Yeah. It's sensitive. I'm learning how to try to maintain some sense of likability. So, you know, it is -- I like it. It bothers me, in a way, because people do tend to confuse reality with fiction. And they might think that I'm really this
awful person, but I'm not. They just have to remember I'm really a nice girl... and give me support."